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Hi and welcome to my bass gear shop.

 I'm SV and i've been a professional soundman, roadie and bass player before retiring in 2004. I've worked all over the world and no matter what, i'll always find some quality time with my '77 Fender Jazz.
Even though most of my time is given to the Hindu community in Yorkshire, I think it's important to remember one's roots and mine is music technology.
If your'e a parent, It's also something you should encourage your kids to take up as they will do this for the rest of their lives. 

 I've come to rely a great deal on the internet for buying equipment over the years, especially for the temple and the various music and drama groups within the community. It's a huge equipment market out there and you need to buy from a reliable supplier - you know, no quibble guarantee, defective items replaced quickly - in other words, really good customer service.Whether it's a brand new bass, amp or a set of strings everything on this site gets the best support and is used by musicians worldwide.

Whether you're a student or professional, there will be something here for you. 

Over to the right  we have an excellent selection of beginner's bass guitars and combos.

Below we have a section for intermediate and professional bass guitars, an educational/learn to play section and below that, accessories and gear,

If there is something specific that you're looking for, just type your query into any of the search boxes.